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Don’t get taken by car rental insurance

  Like many of you, my family loves to travel, but we hate the high cost of travel. One of those ridiculous travel necessities (if you are flying to a far away destination) is the dreaded rental car. It’s not bad enough that they hook you with seemingly reasonable rates on their website and then […]


Cut the Cable

We like to relax at the end of a long day and watch some TV. But cable is expensive and you usually end up paying for a bunch of channels you don’t even need. Cable can typically cost between $50-$140 per month depending on the plan. To save money, my family ditched the cable and […]


A Great Packing Tip for Your Next Trip

I’m notorious for getting to my travel destination and realizing that I packed five pair of pants and only three shirts. And one of the three shirts doesn’t even match! And I discovered the secret that solves this problem; Make a list! Here are three simple steps to make sure you arrive with all of the […]


Backup your travel docs

Worried that you’ll get stranded in a foreign country because you lost your important travel documents? Here’s my favorite tip to avoid that predicament: Step 1.  Before you leave, scan the front and back of every item in your wallet – as well as your passport. Step 2. Email the images to your self.  (Make sure […]