Stains Erased Magically

I use  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to get rid of coffee and tea stains on my mugs and teacups.

I simply open the package, pull out an eraser and swipe the stains away.

Even the really cheap version at the Dollar Tree store works well. I use them for cleaning my teapot, too. Pamela

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Here’s a quick link to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

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Reuse Squeeze Bottles!

A close up of a bottleI LOVE Mary’s many recipes for spot and stain removers, but always struggled with what to keep them in and how to apply them without making a mess. Until I thought of saving my squeeze bottles from a variety of condiments!

They are the perfect sizes, reusable and have an applicator tip! A close up of a bottleand best of all. . . free! I also write the recipe on the bottle with a Sharpie so I never have to search for it again!

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

The meal was lovely.  The conversation engaging. Best of all, the entrée was delightful.  A good time was had by all.

However, the guests are long gone and now you’re stuck with an ugly red wine stain on your prized tablecloth. Is this washable tablecloth or napkin destined for the rag bag? Not if you know this super simple solution:

Step 1

First, spread the stained portion over a bowl or your kitchen sink.

Step 2

Next, liberally sprinkle ordinary table salt on top of the stain.

Step 3

Finally, pour boiling water over the salt and through the cloth to take out the stain. Provided you can do this while that stain is still fresh, this works really well.