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Smile and Help A Charity

Amazon allows you to select your favorite charity and give them a small percentage of the money you spend on your purchases.  It’s simple to sign up and select a charity to support. Use Amazon as you normally do–filling your shopping cart, saving items to purchase late, putting items on a wish list, etc. When […]


Get What is Due to You!

With paper coupons, electronic coupons, in-store sale prices, and special manager promotions, it’s easy for items to be incorrectly charged on your receipt. Who wants to drive all the back to the store when you find out that an item in your grocery bag is not “the deal” that you thought you were purchasing? The […]


Catalog Shopping Sprees

I used to have a horrible mail order catalog shopping problem. But once I analyzed why it was so enticing and pleasurable, I was able to break my catalog habit relatively easily. This is how I did it: When the catalog arrived in the mail, I would browse through the merchandise and then fill out […]


Saving with Gift Cards

I have been using this tip for a while.  I have joined the rewards program at the local Shell gas station.  For every purchase you make, you earn points toward cents off on 20 gallons of gas. In order to earn more points, we have started buying our gift cards at the gas station.  If […]


Spend Less Time on Lists

We all know having a list helps us save money when we visit the grocery store, especially when we can stick with it. But sometimes just making the list can be time-consuming, and it’s easy to forget items, necessitating more trips to the store. To help me stay on track, I created a standardized list […]


Get Cash Back When You Shop

Various websites and apps offer cash back for shopping, but the one that I’ve recently fallen in love with is Ibotta. Ibotta is a rebate site that gives you cash back for name brand items, as well as for “any brand” items in a category. You simply upload the app to your phone, create an […]