Walnuts Rescue Your Wood Items

A handy tool to repair scratches to wood items is as near as your pantry:  walnuts!


Simply rub a cracked walnut over the scratched surface of a picture frame, a canister lid, a table, or any other wood object.  The natural oils of the walnut meat cover many scratches.



If needed, polish with standard furniture polish after the walnut oil has dried.


Duct Tape To the Rescue

Per Mary’s recommendation, I recently purchased a Shark Lift-Away Navigator vacuum.

A few weeks ago the vacuum began to lose suction because of a ripped hose. The company has a great 5-year warranty.  The only caveat is that you can only use the warranty one time.

After checking around, I found that I could purchase a new hose for $35 on Amazon.  Before buying the hose, I decided to try the trusty duct tape.  It worked great!  The vacuum has the same strong suction as before, and has delayed (or even eliminated) the need for a new hose.





The Right Color

Have you ever picked a color swatch at the paint store, brought home a gallon of paint and were disappointed when it was on the wall? Here’s a tip that may prevent that disappointment. When shopping, take your selection of color swatches over to the lighting area. Look at the color under the different types of lighting available- cool, warm, natural, fluorescent, incandescent, etc. This will give you a good idea of how those colors will actually look in a home environment.