Recycle Christian Resources

A resource to recycle used Bibles, Sunday School materials, homeschool, and Christian books and resources is Christian Resources International. Items can be shipped to their warehouse and from there they are sent all over the world.

Click Donate Books at and you’ll view the list of materials they will accept. I have been sending them books and materials for years and it is a great organization.



Free Shakers

I save spice containers that have shaker caps. I wash them out and fill them with flour or sugar. These containers are convenient when you just need a sprinkle or shake, such as when kneading dough.

Crochet Old CDs Into These Fun Coasters

Here’s a clever way to turn old CDs or DVDs into fun drink coasters. Using cotton yarn, crochet two small doilies the size of the CD or DVD. Place the disk between the dollies and sew them together.

Make sets four or eight coasters and give them as gifts. To launder, don’t toss them in the washing machine as the CDs may break. Instead, soak them in soapy water, rinse, then stand on end to dry.

Find patterns for the cute coasters pictured above, here.