Spay and Neuter Pets

Spay or neuter your companion animals as soon as possible. Not only does it prevent pet overpopulation, but it greatly reduces many medical issues such as mammary tumors that can develop in unsterilized animals.

If money is tight, check your local humane society for reduced-cost or free sterilization clinics in your area.

Cheaper Dog Treats

I hate to pay the going price of doggie treats—$4 to $8 a pound, or more, and even then they are artificial-looking. I came up with the idea of cutting up hot dogs to use as treats and rewards.

Supermarkets always have cheap, store brand hot dogs for around $2 a pound—even cheaper when on sale. I slice the hot dogs into 1/2-inch pieces and keep these doggie treats in a container in the refrigerator. Now I’m giving our dogs real food instead of treats that look like plastic—at considerable savings per pound. Rachel



Dog Hair Magnet

The best way to remove dog hair from the carpet in a car or truck is with a pumice stone. It’s what car detailers use and it works like a charm. Just rub it towards you and the pet hair balls right up in seconds. And the best part, pumice stones are available at most dollar stores! Christina


New Life for Old Newspapers

Finished reading your newspaper? Don’t throw it away. Instead, recycle newspapers by taking them to a  local pet shelter. Have a specific box set aside to throw them in and when it gets full,  drop newspapers off at the shelter.

Be sure to check with your local shelter first to make sure they are accepting newspaper, but chances are pretty good they’ll be thrilled by your donation. Most shelters use the newspapers to line pet cages for easier cleanup.




Discount Dog License

Next time you get your dog’s rabies shot, head over to your city or town hall to renew the dog’s license. I just got my dog’s license updated for three years instead of one, and at a discount, and all because he has a fresh 3-year rabies certificate. Your local laws may vary, but it’s worth looking into. Woof!


Hot Idea for Cooling Your Dog

The summer heat can be hard on pets – especially dogs – because they can’t sweat to keep cool.

If you can’t be there to keep Fido’s water dish filled with cool water, try this:

During hot summer days fill your pets’ water dishes with ice cubes or ice chips. As it melts, they’ll have nice cool water to drink.

Or on a larger scale, put a small swim pool in the back yard filled with water and ice.  Keep your furry friends hydrated and happy!