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Magical Microwave Cleanup

I’ve found a great way to clean my microwave.  I take a rag, wet it, and ring it out—but not tightly. I place it in the microwave and turn it on for 25 seconds. When I open the microwave, the rag is hot enough to remove any buildup but not too hot that I can’t […]


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I love using microfiber cleaning cloths in the kitchen. They are super absorbent and don’t get sour and smell bad like other cloths and sponges. I keep a large stack in my kitchen cabinet and use them for the dishes, counters, cabinets and even floors.  When they need to be cleaned, I throw them in […]


Pickled Ants

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that plain white vinegar is an excellent ant killer. Simply spray it on them. There is very little odor and what there is disappears quickly. I have had a long-time problem with ants in my kitchen and bathroom and do not like to use insecticides for many reasons. […]


Crocheted Mop Refills

I have a Don Aslett Mop.  It has a microfiber cloth pad for dusting or mopping the floor.  The pad is affixed with a row of velcro on the bottom of the mop. Instead of using the pads that came with it,  I like to use my own crocheted rectangle.  I make it several inches larger […]


Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Players who love their wooden acoustic guitars know maintaining proper humidity in dry seasons is essential.  This helps keep your instrument in top shape and prevents it from cracking, so says, my husband. Humidifier packs are expensive. After cutting on an old humidifier pack open it struck me to use the water beads I had […]


Good and Cheap DIY Glass Cleaner

Here’s another recipe for a good glass and mirror cleaner: 45 percent water 45 percent rubbing alcohol 10 percent household ammonia First, put it in a clearly marked spray bottle. Next measure out the ingredients.  (Note: Measurements do no need to be precise.) This is as good as any product you can buy. Cheryl


12-Hour “Lanterns” for Emergency Kits

When hurricane Florence passed through recently, I pulled out my “Storm Box” and inside happened to be several Halloween glow sticks that were at least three years old. To my great surprise, they made perfect “nightlights” throughout the house during the days without power. The package said they “last up to 12 hours” and they […]