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How to Make Soap Scum Shower Cleaner

Honestly, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven the first time that I mixed up the recipe and tried this shower cleaner that one of my readers sent in. “Try it, you’ll see just how amazing this stuff works!,” he said. So, I did and all I can say is WOW! It’s like magic. […]


Battery Terminal Cleanup

Did you know that you can use club soda or Windex to clean a battery terminal?  It’s a great way to quickly clean and neutralize the acid residue at the terminals. Remember to disconnect the battery before cleaning!


How to Rescue Burned Cookies

Don’t throw away those burnt cookies! Wait a day or two until they set up,  then take them to the cheese grater. Grate off the burnt surface using the  the fine side of your grater or microplane. That thin, burnt bottom surface is only a fraction of the thickness of the whole cookie. You will […]


Bandage Care

I cut my finger and had to cover the wound with a bandaid for almost a week. To keep my finger bandage dry and secure, I pulled a small balloon over it before I showered or washed dishes. Tip: If you have someone to help you stretch out the balloon opening before placing it on the […]


How to Remove Red Wine Stains

The meal was lovely.  The conversation engaging. Best of all, the entrée was delightful.  A good time was had by all. However, the guests are long gone and now you’re stuck with an ugly red wine stain on your prized tablecloth. Is this washable tablecloth or napkin destined for the rag bag? Not if you […]


How to Remove a Tick

Ticks are small arachnids that live by feeding on the blood of mammals—pets and their humans, too. Ticks can transmit diseases which makes it super important to get them out as soon as detected.  Here are the steps to remove a tick, without leaving any part of it behind. Step 1 Use tweezers to lift […]


Hot Idea for Cooling Your Dog

The summer heat can be hard on pets – especially dogs – because they can’t sweat to keep cool. If you can’t be there to keep Fido’s water dish filled with cool water, try this: During hot summer days fill your pets’ water dishes with ice cubes or ice chips. As it melts, they’ll have nice […]