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Add A Shelf

Most upper kitchen cabinets come with two shelves, placed equal distances apart. When I’m setting up a kitchen, the first thing I do is remove the shelves from the cabinets. Then I start at the bottom, placing items where I want them. I install the next shelf as low as possible, leaving enough room to […]


Make It Short

If you’re not a huge coffee drinker you know the smallest size on the Starbucks menu is Tall. Here’s the tip: Order the size that isn’t on the menu—Short. The short size will save you about 80 cents. Hint: Short has the same amount of espresso as Tall. Susan


Table Talk is Valuable

Here’s a tip for young parents. Expose your kids to interesting dinner-table conversations.  Don’t just talk about kid-stuff. Preschoolers who are exposed to adult level talk at mealtimes do better on vocabulary and reading tests in elementary school than those who are not. Make this your parent homework! Edith


Kid-Friendly Cooking Oil Dispenser

When my kids were younger and just learning to cook, they had many mishaps with the bottle of vegetable oil. Often they poured too much because the opening of the bottle was so large. As I was cleaning out a squeeze ketchup bottle, it occurred to me that it could be a great solution to […]


Poison Oak Quick Treatment

When it comes to treating exposure to poison ivy, time is of the essence. Fels Naptha works great, but so do most soaps. I’ve even used horse shampoo. One of my trail buddies soaps her forearms with Fels Naptha before heading into the woods and then rinses it off after the ride. Joan


One Aspirin Tablet Does the Trick

Here’s my favorite treatment to prolong the life of cut flowers. I dissolve an aspirin tablet in the water as a substitute for plant food. My husband buys me a single rose for different occasions and an aspirin in the water lasts for about 3 days. I change the water and add another aspirin. My […]


Strawberry Saver Carton

I love strawberries and read with interest the tip about how to keep them from going bad so quickly—separate them from one another. That’s easier said than done in a full fridge. I came up with the perfect solution: egg cartons. Each berry has its own little compartment! Rosemary