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How to Make the Cutest Angry Birds Toys

Empty toilet paper tubes can be used to make myriad objects, including contemporary toys that children enjoy:  Angry Birds. Supplies needed: colored paper (cut to 4″ x 8 1/2″) scissors markers ruler hole punch rubber bands empty toilet paper tubes an adhesive ( Tacky Glue or rubber cement work well) Step 1 Wrap the tube […]


How to Keep Kitchen Sink Stain-Free and Shiny

For an easy, cheap, and green way to clean my classic, white cast-iron enameled kitchen sink, I scrub with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. After rinsing, I add the stopper to the drain and pour hydrogen peroxide into the sink to cover the bottom. I let this sit for 15 to 20 minutes […]


Healthy Pecan “Pie” Bites

If you want a bite of Pecan “Pie” without making one, here’s an awesome, healthy, much lower-calorie alternative. Take a date (Medjool dates are great) and remove the pit.  Next insert a pecan or a walnut.  Take a bite and enjoy! So yummy.  So healthy.  So easy.  Tastes almost like pecan pie with lots fewer […]


Fresh-Frozen Strawberries

When I have too many strawberries to eat, I wash and spread them out on a cookie sheet pan. If I have time, I will hull them as well, although it’s not necessary. When the strawberries are completely dry I freeze them right on the pan. Once frozen, I put them in a zip-type freezer […]


Hamburger Patty Hack

I’ve discovered  an easy way to save time and money – and make life easier!  First, I flatten a  paper cupcake liner and then place it between hamburger patties as I make 40 patties from 10 pounds of bulk (sale!) ground beef. I could purchase “patty papers.” However, the large paper cupcake liners are cheaper […]


How to Prevent Strong Freezer Odors

I like to chop a bunch of onions all at the same time, portion them into zip-type bags and then store them in the freezer for convenient use later. And that created a problem. Freezing onions in sandwich-weight bags doesn’t seal in the strong onion odor. However, bags designed for the freezer—freezer-weight zip-type bags—do a […]


Good To The Last Drop

Don’t dump the leftover wine.  It can be a great seasoning agent in your cooking. Just a little splash will add great depth and flavor to a dish, sauce or salad dressing. Even adding just a small amount of  wine to sauteed veggies or poached fish adds a huge flavor boost. Cathy