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Oops, too much!

If you sprinkle instead of measuring spice when you’re cooking, sometimes the herb or spice can come out too quickly. (Especially things like celery seeds!) Before you open that herb or spice for the first time, cover some of the holes with a small strip of masking tape. You’ll never accidentally use too much again. […]


Baked on Grease–YUCK!

Cooking sprays caused my glass baking dishes to look disgusting.  Yeck!  I found a simple way to clean them with minimal scrubbing! Simply soak the dish in a solution of 5 parts water and 1 part household bleach.  (For me, I soaked one end of the glass dish during the day and the other end […]


Save $ on Paper Towels

I prepare fresh produce almost every day. It always seemed wasteful to throw away paper towels when the only thing they were used for was to drain freshly washed vegetables like diced potatoes or lettuce. The veggies are CLEAN. Sometimes I let veggies dry on a cookie rack over a newspaper.   However, paper towels […]


A Second Life for Hearing Aids

It came as wonderful news to discover that hearing aids can be recycled and passed on to a second user. Here’s how: My Mom purchased her hearing aids from Costco. (Costco has the best prices and the most freebies—sorry Sam’s Club, I’m your loyal shopper otherwise.) After we lost Mom, I hated the idea of […]


Sturdy Cool Backpacks

My sons had terrible trouble with backpacks. Even the expensive ones would not last an entire school season—that’s how hard they were on them. Then one day we went into the Army/Navy surplus store. We found military backpacks (rucksacks) that wore like iron! In fact, the boys carried them for years—all the way through college. […]


Sanitize Your Inflight Space

As soon as you enter the airplane, find your seat and have a package of anti-bacterial wipes handy in your purse or carry on. Immediately wipe the tray button, tray,  both sides, the video screen, and controls, and the back of the seat in front of you, the safety instructions card and whatever else is […]


Better than Waxed Paper

Use the waxed paper liners from cereal boxes instead of buying waxed paper, as it is much stronger. I use it to separate pancakes,  hamburgers, and to individually wrap chicken parts before freezing in a ziplock bag. They also keep your counter clean when you are kneading dough. If you have little ones visiting, it […]