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Homemade Coffee Creamer for ALL

I absolutely LOVE Mary’s homemade coffee creamer, but in my house, everyone likes a different kind, and making all the different bases just got to be a real pain and made the fridge overrun with all the different creamers. To combat this, and the fact that I often like different flavors on different days, I […]


Celery CPR

I hate to waste food and especially fresh produce.  Here’s a great tip to avoid tossing out your limp, lifeless celery. First cut off the bottoms of your celery stalks.  Then put all of the celery stalks in a large container or pitcher of ice water.   Let the celery sit in the water for […]


DIY Dryer Sheets

I make my own fabric softener “sheets” by mixing 2 tablespoons of inexpensive liquid fabric softener with 2 cups of water. I cut up my old dishrags and soak a small square in the mixture.  Then I squeeze out what I can and throw it in the dryer. For a while, I was having a […]


Mess Prevention

I always seem to get the box of baking soda or salt, or sugar, or barley that leaks. Rather than pouring everything into another container, I pop a CoverMate Stretch-to-Fit on the bottom of the container. I also use these on half used cans of lemonade or orange juice in the freezer. Since they are […]


Duct Tape To the Rescue

Per Mary’s recommendation, I recently purchased a Shark Lift-Away Navigator vacuum. A few weeks ago the vacuum began to lose suction because of a ripped hose. The company has a great 5-year warranty.  The only caveat is that you can only use the warranty one time. After checking around, I found that I could purchase […]


Color Code Your Money

These days, when I shop, I only spend cash.   And, knowing how much I have available in each budget category is difficult.  Especially when I keep all of the cash together in my wallet. To solve this problem,  I use colored paper clips to organize my cash. It very similar to the envelope system. […]


Baby Powder Saver

Baby powder comes out of the container too quickly, doesn’t it? It’s a manufacturer’s trick so we’ll go through it faster and have to buy baby powder more often. Beat them at their game with one simple hack. Before you open any powder for the first time, cover half of the holes with a strip […]