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Cheap Fire Starter

Save your candle stubs in a container by the fireplace. The next time you need to start a fire, light a couple of the stubs and throw them in along with paper or kindling. The wax will burn for a long time and give the larger pieces of wood more time to catch fire. Mary […]


Homemade Coffee Creamer for ALL

I absolutely LOVE Mary’s homemade coffee creamer, but in my house, everyone likes a different kind, and making all the different bases just got to be a real pain and made the fridge overrun with all the different creamers. To combat this, and the fact that I often like different flavors on different days, I […]


Celery CPR

I hate to waste food and especially fresh produce.  Here’s a great tip to avoid tossing out your limp, lifeless celery. First cut off the bottoms of your celery stalks.  Then put all of the celery stalks in a large container or pitcher of ice water.   Let the celery sit in the water for […]


DIY Dryer Sheets

I make my own fabric softener “sheets” by mixing 2 tablespoons of inexpensive liquid fabric softener with 2 cups of water. I cut up my old dishrags and soak a small square in the mixture.  Then I squeeze out what I can and throw it in the dryer. For a while, I was having a […]


Mess Prevention

I always seem to get the box of baking soda or salt, or sugar, or barley that leaks. Rather than pouring everything into another container, I pop a CoverMate Stretch-to-Fit on the bottom of the container. I also use these on half used cans of lemonade or orange juice in the freezer. Since they are […]


Duct Tape To the Rescue

Per Mary’s recommendation, I recently purchased a Shark Lift-Away Navigator vacuum. A few weeks ago the vacuum began to lose suction because of a ripped hose. The company has a great 5-year warranty.  The only caveat is that you can only use the warranty one time. After checking around, I found that I could purchase […]


Color Code Your Money

These days, when I shop, I only spend cash.   And, knowing how much I have available in each budget category is difficult.  Especially when I keep all of the cash together in my wallet. To solve this problem,  I use colored paper clips to organize my cash. It very similar to the envelope system. […]