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We needed to bring in the outside ladder for a little job inside the house. The ladder is dirty on the bottom, so I took some old socks and slipped them onto the ladder’s “legs,” securing them with a rubber band. This kept the floor clean and protected the finish, too. Davena           […]


Easy Burned-On Food Removal

When you burn anything in your pan while cooking, just put about a cup of water in it, return it to the burner and let it boil about five minutes. The burnt food should come off the pan quite easily with a little bit of scrubbing. Gabby    


Sneaky Bread Tip

I trick my picky children into eating the bread “heels” by turning them inside out in a sandwich. My girls are none the wiser. It’s worked like a charm. Shayna      


Saving Like Mad – It All Adds Up

My husband and I take the money we save using coupons at the grocery store and place it in our “mad money” container. We also add any spare change to the container, too. It is amazing how it adds up when you actually save this money. Our mad money has funded weekend getaways, special purchases […]


Stains Erased Magically

I use  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to get rid of coffee and tea stains on my mugs and teacups. I simply open the package, pull out an eraser and swipe the stains away. Even the really cheap version at the Dollar Tree store works well. I use them for cleaning my teapot, too. Pamela More […]


Pot of Noodles

I was looking for some foam to fill in the bottom of my large flower pot when I discovered a long, swimming pool noodle in the garage. I cut the noodle up into several smaller pieces with my electric knife and placed the pieces in the bottom of the pot. Next I filled the pot […]


How to Keep your Veggies Fresh

My grandmother taught me a long time ago to always put a piece of paper towel or a napkin in my zip-type bags of vegetables. This absorbs the condensation from the vegetables to keep the environment dry. That effectively extends the vegetables’ refrigerator life. I change the paper when I notice it getting too damp. Patti […]


Cheap Fire Starter

Save your candle stubs in a container by the fireplace. The next time you need to start a fire, light a couple of the stubs and throw them in along with paper or kindling. The wax will burn for a long time and give the larger pieces of wood more time to catch fire. Mary […]