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Hitting the bottle

  Put empty water bottles in the bottom of your large pot before adding the dirt. This allows for better drainage and makes the pot lighter if you have to move it.  


A Hiking Camping Tip

Carry oranges with you on a hike or when camping. You can drink the juice, rub the peel on your skin for an insect repellant, and when the peels dry, they will burn and keep bugs away from your camp with the lovely orange smell. But that’s not all. You can run a whole orange […]


From Waste to Garden Gold

I am a gardener and this is a tip I use almost daily. When I come across kitchen scraps, such as coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, or corn husks, I keep them!  I place them into a large bowl, ( or you can buy a “fancy” compost container), and set them aside. When I have a […]


Pool Noodle Potted Plant

I ran into a problem when I needed to move my front porch flower pots so the housesitter would have all the plants in one place. The pots were just so heavy that they were very difficult and cumbersome to move. That got me thinking: the roots of my flowers aren’t filling this whole pot, […]