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Pickled Ants

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that plain white vinegar is an excellent ant killer. Simply spray it on them. There is very little odor and what there is disappears quickly. I have had a long-time problem with ants in my kitchen and bathroom and do not like to use insecticides for many reasons. […]


Free Help for Lawn and Garden

The Cooperative Extension System has lots of free, good quality information available for lawns and gardens. The fastest way to find information is to look for the extension website for your state, i.e., Alabama State Extension and use the search feature to look up information. By way of example, I needed to know the best […]


Pot of Noodles

I was looking for some foam to fill in the bottom of my large flower pot when I discovered a long, swimming pool noodle in the garage. I cut the noodle up into several smaller pieces with my electric knife and placed the pieces in the bottom of the pot. Next I filled the pot […]


Cheap Fire Starter

Save your candle stubs in a container by the fireplace. The next time you need to start a fire, light a couple of the stubs and throw them in along with paper or kindling. The wax will burn for a long time and give the larger pieces of wood more time to catch fire. Mary […]


DIY Diatomaceous Earth

I save cleaned eggshells and when I have a pile, I pulverize them in my blender, then allow to dry fully. I collect in a zip-type plastic bag until I have several cups. I then sprinkle a border of this around the base of our house to keep beetles and slugs and other critters at […]


Easy Way to Clean Hummingbird Feeder

While we all love watching the hummingbirds at the feeders, it’s important to keep the feeders clean. You can get brushes specifically for the hummingbird feeders to clean out the nozzle and feeding ports, but they’re hard to find and not very sturdy. A better option is to go to a store that sells cake […]


Bird Seed Cookie Cutter Feeders

This is a great craft for children and adults alike. Ingredients cookie cutter (you can also use jar lids or molds) twine or string (colored twine adds a nice touch) waxed paper 3/4 cup birdseed 1/4 cup water small envelope of Knox Gelatin Instructions Mix together the gelatin with the water and simmer until gelatin […]


Natural Mosquito Repellents

Although the EPA and the Dept. of Health and Human Services say that DEET is safe when used as directed, I prefer to use natural insect repellents. Here are some effective alternatives; most of which can be found at many natural food stores. Citronella Oil – Just burning citronella candles is not as effective as […]