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My name is Desiree and I live in the SUNshine state of Florida! My humble beginnings have left frugality in my DNA. From watching my mom scrape out every drop of the albumen from one egg to scramble and share among seven members of the family was something to behold. To this day I imitate the same practice with every ingredient. Watch me scrape batter from the mixing bowl and you would think there's no need to wash the container, ha ha. Poverty does teach us amazing creativity. I have since passed on the same to my children, except my daughter Allana (a chef) calls it spatulation, lol. Incidentally, my vocation now is helping the poor escape the viscous cycle of poverty. I resonate with Mary's frugality and highly commend her for it. Thanks Mary for all your tips! As the saying goes, "Waste not want not, said the woman with the thin waist." Let's be frugal and save money to help others! Best, Desiree

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