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Financial Intelligence for Kids

In an effort to keep toys from overrunning our home and at the same time teach the kids about personal finances we came up with a rule for toy acquisition. It goes like this: When there is a new toy that they want, we find out the price.  Then we go through their current toy […]


Easy College Savings

The easiest way to save for your kids’ college: As soon and your child “graduates” from daycare, start putting that same amount of money into a college savings account. By the time your child is ready to go to college, you will have enough saved to allow them to borrow the money from you rather […]


Budgeting by Hand

Once a month, I get a fresh piece of ledger paper (the old accounting paper—Google it for a quick download or make your own spreadsheet). I do all my budgeting transactions that way: I plan out my month and give my money a task—like a job. I do my best at zero budgeting (giving every […]


Lowest Price Possible

Here is a great tool you can use to always get the lowest price on an item. Check out It is a free price monitoring website that automatically finds and applies codes to get you the lowest price on anything you buy online. Honey will check to see if there’s a lower price on […]


Keep Your Own Records

When I was in college and at the start of my professional life, I worked as a teller at a bank. One very common theme from fielding hundreds of customers and calls was that the balance in their checkbook didn’t match what the bank said they had. Very often, people would forget where they spent […]


DIY Easy Christmas Fund

You know how much kids love Christmas! It seems like money set aside for Christmas each year disappears before the sleigh bells ring. For me, a no-fuss way to save money for the Christmas season is to calculate the annual total of one or two of last year’s monthly bills (e.g., electricity $1800 and phone […]


All the Deals in One Place

Everybody loves a good discount, but finding those sales can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why I use this handy-dandy website that puts all of them in one place. The website is called and it’s got deals for all your favorite stores like Kohls, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Old Navy, and more. They even have […]