Tab That License

Where I work, customers are required to show their photo ID. Many people have difficulty getting their licenses out of their wallets.

One customer did a very clever thing. She took a piece of Scotch tape, folded it over and made a tab on one end of her driver’s license. She just pulled on the tab and the license slid right out of her wallet.

I have done this for many people and they are amazed at how much easier it is for them, myself included. Susan





Mess Prevention

I always seem to get the box of baking soda or salt, or sugar, or barley that leaks.

Rather than pouring everything into another container, I pop a CoverMate Stretch-to-Fit on the bottom of the container. I also use these on half used cans of lemonade or orange juice in the freezer.

Since they are washable and reusable and come in a variety of sizes in one package, they make a quick simple solution to conquer the potential mess.




A Second Life for Hearing Aids

It came as wonderful news to discover that hearing aids can be recycled and passed on to a second user. Here’s how:

My Mom purchased her hearing aids from Costco. (Costco has the best prices and the most freebies—sorry Sam’s Club, I’m your loyal shopper otherwise.)

After we lost Mom, I hated the idea of discarding those precious and expensive items.  When I checked, I learned that Costco can reprogram those “mini computers” to match a new user. For members, the reprogramming is free.

Now, my Mom’s younger sister will have hearing aids for the price of a Costco membership. It is a wonderful feeling to share a part of my Mom with her sister in this way.

If you do not know someone, maybe you can resell, gift, or donate them to the Lion’s Club. Whatever you decide, do not let them go to waste.

By the way, you do not need to be a member to have a free consultation at Costco. If you decide to buy, you can join after making the purchase decision.



Easy Needle Threader

Using a dental floss threader (available in drug stores or dental offices) is the easiest way I have found to thread a needle, regardless of how small the eye.

Put the threader through the eye of the needle leaving the open end clear of the eye. Put the thread through the opening and pull through the eye of the needle and the thread with it. Remove the floss threader. Done!



Remove Pesky Labels in Seconds


Remove stuck-on pesky labels from your favorite jars in seconds. Simply fill the jar with hot water. Empty water and peel off label instantly.

Use an adhesive remover (like Goof Off) to wipe off the glue. Jars are for ready your next craft project or to fill with spices or sweet treats!

Musty Book Recovery

To recover musty, smelly books, seal the book in a plastic bag filled part way with unused coffee grounds. Leave it for up to two weeks.

Upon removing the book, it will have a slight coffee smell, which will disappear in a few days. The unused coffee treatment may be reused with another book.

Lantern Leftovers

When hurricane Florence passed through in 2018, I pulled out my “Storm Box” and inside happened to be several Halloween glow sticks that were at least three years old. To my great surprise, they made perfect “nightlights” throughout the house during the days without power.

The package said they “last up to 12 hours” and they did, even after several years. They were especially handy for small children who could carry around their own little lamp. Now, I take advantage of every Halloween season to restock my “Storm Box”. Liane


Microwave Magic

The best way I’ve found to clean my microwave is to take a rag, wet it, and ring it out—but not tightly. I place it in the microwave and set it to 25 seconds. When I open the microwave, the rag is hot enough to remove any buildup but not so hot that I can’t hold it.

I use this to wipe out the microwave and it works every time in a matter of minutes. I got the idea from those expensive microwave cleaner packs that work the same way. Debbie