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Stinky Outdoor Gear

My son is an outdoor enthusiast and has A LOT of gear that cannot be washed without ruining the protective treatments applied to the materials.  That stuff gets STINKY! Tennis balls and essential oils to the rescue!   Spray a few tennis balls with your favorite oil and put in the dryer for 20 minutes […]


My Miracle Go-To

In addition to Mary’s wonderful suggestion of Lestoil, I have found that Fels-Naptha laundry soap is the absolute best for blood stains. Of course, it works best to attack the stains when they are fresh. But even on dried stains, Fels-Naptha is the only thing that has worked. I run the bar under warm water […]


DIY Laced Up Laundry Basket

I had hoped that my plastic laundry basket would last until the next half-off sale. No such luck. It split right down both sides. I wondered what Mary Hunt would do. The answer was easy. I laced it together with a piece of rope and tied it with a bow. Works great and now I’m […]


Quick Dry!

I keep a thick, clean bath towel in the clothes dryer at all times. It helps to quickly absorb moisture from a load of wet laundry. That means clothes dry much faster and that reduces my energy bills. I read this hint on Mary’s column years ago and (of course) it works!! I actually did […]


A Lint Hint

To clean the lint from your dryer trap quickly and easily, swipe it with a used dryer sheet. Like magic, the lint comes off cleanly in one swipe and non of it sticks to the screen!     If you take Mary’s advice and do not use dryer sheets (old habits are hard to break), […]


DIY Dryer Sheets

  I make my own fabric softener “sheets” by mixing liquid fabric softener with water. Here are the steps I follow to fill a 16-ounce bottle: Step 1.  I mix 2 tablespoons of the cheapest liquid fabric softener I can find with 2 cups of water. Step 2.  Next, I soak a washrag in the […]