Disposable Shop Towels: Use, Launder, Reuse, Repeat

My husband uses disposable blue shop towels when he’s working on our vehicles, including a greasy and oily farm tractor.

While they are made of paper, these towels are extremely tough. I have begun to use them for housecleaning projects as well. When they are dirty, I throw them in the laundry. They come out clean and ready to use again and actually become softer after laundering.

I don’t recommend washing shop towels if they are soaked with oil or engine grit. Those that aren’t, will outlast a paper towel many times over. Jinni

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Here is just one example of the many shop towels available on the market:  Blue Shop Towels

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DIY Dryer Sheets

I make my own fabric softener “sheets” by mixing 2 tablespoons of inexpensive liquid fabric softener with 2 cups of water.

I cut up my old dishrags and soak a small square in the mixture.  Then I squeeze out what I can and throw it in the dryer.

For a while, I was having a problem with mildew forming in my unused fabric softener mix.  After I started adding 2  tablespoons of vinegar to my mixture, I have not had any more problems with mildew.




Free Dryer Balls

Since we live in the U.S. Midwest, we all wear wool socks. When they are too worn to wear, I roll them into sock balls and use them in my dryer, free woolen dryer balls!

Laced Up Basket

I had hoped that my plastic laundry basket would last until the next half-off sale. No such luck. It split right down both sides. I wondered what Mary Hunt would do. The answer was easy. I laced it together with a piece of rope and tied it with a bow. It works great and now I’m wondering if I’ll ever need a new one! Joan

Keep ’em Zipped!

Most of us launder and or dry jeans and dark-colored t-shirts in the same load. And that’s a disaster just waiting to happen. It’s the zippers.

When metal zippers are left unzipped to flop around in all that tumbling and agitation in the washer and dryer, those little zipper “teeth” are like chainsaws tearing up other items of clothing in the washer and dryer, creating little holes and tiny tears.

The solution is to always remember to zip up jeans and other garments that have metal zippers before laundering them. Francesca

Faster Bedsheet Changing

The first time using new sheets, I take all the time necessary to line the top sheet up “just so.”

Then, I grab a permanent marker, or using contrasting thread do a quick running stitch, to mark the bottom corners and again near the top (but under where it’ll be hidden by the blanket when done) at the mattress edge.

From then on, I can so quickly and with only one trip around the bed lay the sheet on just the right way.


Laundry Bag Danger

Laundry bags are great to use to keep small laundry items together while being washed and to help protect finer items. What I discovered last week about my laundry bags helped me understand why some of my laundry items were getting damaged: Each of my bags had a damaged zipper pull! This created a sharp metal object to pick at my clothes.

I used a pair of wire cutters to remove the zipper pulls. Now the bags still have many more uses . . . and my clothes are no longer in danger of damage!



Reuse Squeeze Bottles!

A close up of a bottleI LOVE Mary’s many recipes for spot and stain removers, but always struggled with what to keep them in and how to apply them without making a mess. Until I thought of saving my squeeze bottles from a variety of condiments!

They are the perfect sizes, reusable and have an applicator tip! A close up of a bottleand best of all. . . free! I also write the recipe on the bottle with a Sharpie so I never have to search for it again!