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Make Your Own Play Dough

Here’s a great recipe to make your own  inexpensive play dough. Step 1. In a large pot, combine 3 cups flour, 1 1/2 cups salt and 6 teaspoons cream of tartar. Step 2. Next stir in 3 cups of cool water into which you have mixed 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and food coloring of your […]


Map Puzzles

Make inexpensive map puzzles to help your kids learn geography. Step 1. Paste any map (world, country, state, county) onto a sheet of poster board. Step 2. Allow to dry. Step 3. Cut into puzzle-shaped pieces. For a map of the United States, cut along state borders. If you’re using a Canadian map, cut along […]


Lost Mittens

If your kids keep losing their mittens, do this: Sew a button to each mitten and teach them how to button their mittens or gloves to a buttonhole in their coat or jacket when they take it off. No buttonholes? Make two in a very secret but convenient place on the inside.


Table Talk is Valuable

Here’s a tip for young parents. Expose your kids to interesting dinner-table conversations.  Don’t just talk about kid-stuff. Preschoolers who are exposed to adult level talk at mealtimes do better on vocabulary and reading tests in elementary school than those who are not. Make this your parent homework! Edith


Baby Powder Saver

Baby powder comes out of the container too quickly, doesn’t it? It’s a manufacturer’s trick so we’ll go through it faster and have to buy baby powder more often. Beat them at their game with one simple hack. Before you open any powder for the first time, cover half of the holes with a strip […]


Post-Dated Gifting for College Students

When our grandchildren began graduating from high school and heading off to college, we wanted to give them money each month during their first year of college. So in their high school graduation card, we enclosed 10—$100.00 post-dated checks, starting with August of that year and ending the following May. We knew it would come […]


Sneak Nutrition into Kids’ Meals

For a grandson who wants to eat only bread, pancakes, and macaroni and cheese, I have learned to sneak nutrition into his favorite things. I make pancakes with mostly sweet potatoes or with multiple high protein flours (almond and quinoa), and I add pureed cauliflower and carrots into the macaroni and cheese. He doesn’t realize […]