Baby Powder Saver

Baby powder comes out of the container too quickly, doesn’t it? It’s a manufacturer’s trick so we’ll go through it faster and have to buy baby powder more often.

Beat them at their game with one simple hack. Before you open any powder for the first time, cover half of the holes with a strip of decorative duct tape. Now YOU are in control of how much you use each time.

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Post-Dated Gifting for College Students

When our grandchildren began graduating from high school and heading off to college, we wanted to give them money each month during their first year of college.

So in their high school graduation card, we enclosed 10—$100.00 post-dated checks, starting with August of that year and ending the following May. We knew it would come in handy, not only for the grandchildren but for their parents, too. We figured the extra money each month might avoid a call home, asking their parents for a little bit more. Or, it might pay for something that was unexpected.

Our oldest grandson told us many times how he appreciated this. We have been blessed, always knowing how important we are to our grandchildren—because we have let them know how important they are to us.

Note: You could do this in any amount from $10 to $100.  And, if you don’t use checks you could always make a monthly electronic deposit.




Sneak Nutrition into Kids’ Meals

For a grandson who wants to eat only bread, pancakes, and macaroni and cheese, I have learned to sneak nutrition into his favorite things.

I make pancakes with mostly sweet potatoes or with multiple high protein flours (almond and quinoa), and I add pureed cauliflower and carrots into the macaroni and cheese. He doesn’t realize exactly what he is eating and gobbles it down. JEJ



“CAN” Party Theme

A simple and inexpensive way to decorate for a children’s party or a ladies banquet is recycled cans!  There’s a variety of party games that can be made from cans….an old-fashioned tin can telephone (two cans attached with a string at the bottom), a hanging beanbag toss (featured picture), a pyramid of stacked cans to knock down …

Brightly painted cans to be bowling pins and knocked down with a tennis ball.

A milk can to toss ping pong balls into…

…and a balancing game with soda cans!  (Fill a large bowl with water, place a plastic plate to float in the bowl, then stack at least 5 cans and balance them for 3 seconds!)

Gifts (door prizes) can be wrapped in the large #10 cans, too!

Let’s not forget about table decorations made from painted tin cans. Plus, party favors fit easily in washed & decorated tuna cans.   It’s easy to decorate the cans with paint, lace, etc.   Let your imagination go wild!



Janitor’s School Supply Bonanza

My father worked as a high school janitor. At the end of each school year, students threw away notebooks, paper, pens, gym clothes, and even shoes. Dad would bring home these items for the four of us kids to use.

One year, we had enough notebook paper to last five months, a supply of pens that lasted through the school year, and enough notebooks for all of us to have at least three each. We also had gym clothes and shoes to outfit us for the year.

Get friendly with school and university janitors then enlist their help. The end of the school year is a great time to pick up tossed but otherwise usable items. Debora



Free School Supplies

Keep your eyes open at your office. Instead of throwing away outdated three-ring binders, pocket folders, and other useful supplies, bring them home for the kids’ school supplies. Or donate them to your local school.

Company logos can be covered with popular stickers or vinyl paint designs. BethLyn

High School Rings

Before spending a lot on a high school ring for your student, check with local jewelry stores.

Most people do not realize that local stores offer a wider variety of styles from the very same companies, for as much as two-thirds less than the on-campus representative’s price.

Since this item commonly carries a price tag of $200 to $300, it pays to shop around. Teresa



Homework Totes

Don’t discard cardboard tubes from wrapping paper or plastic wrap. They work perfectly for kids to carry assignments—like maps and art projects back and forth to school. Use them to “file” those projects for long-term storage, too! Kim