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No More Manual Mayhem

We know we should save the manuals for all those great appliances, electronics, and toys we purchase, but they take up a great amount of space. And when it’s time to find them … Good Luck! But there’s a better way. When you receive your new item, scan a copy of the manual into a […]


How Much House to Buy?

How much house you can afford should not initially be tied to how much you can afford (or think you can afford) as a monthly payment. A good rule to follow is 2 to 3 times your annual salary as a start. You can adjust that amount for dual income households. Buying a home is […]


Always Garage-Sale-Ready

Let’s be honest, there’s a ton of stuff in the house that we want to get rid of, but actually getting everything together, separated, and priced for the garage sale is time-consuming and draining. Here’s a tip that will keep you organized and garage-sale-ready all the time. Keep a few boxes set up in the […]


Candle Stub Fire Starter

Do you ever wonder what you should do with the little candle stubs you end up with? Well here’s one way you can use them while also saving money and resources on fire starters for your fireplace. Keep a small container near the fireplace and every time a candle burns to a stub, place it […]


Happily Unplugged

We disconnected our satellite TV service about eight months ago. We only watched about 10 of our favorite channels and had to pay for a 250 channel package just to get the channels our kids watched. Now instead, we watch those shows from streaming video on our computer or borrow movies from the library. We […]