Keep Those Cords from Tangling

This tip (courtesy of my mom) helps keep all those cords in the bathroom from getting tangled. Don’t throw those empty toilet paper rolls away, put them to good use! Fold the cord of your hair dryer or curling iron over a few times, then push the cord half-way through the tp roll. It sure saves me time when I’m trying to get ready in the morning!



Flat or Fluffy Comforter?

I was frustrated with the fact that I was replacing my queen-size down comforters after only a few years of use.  It didn’t make sense that they went flat so quickly.  I stumbled upon a great way to make them last longer.

Instead of buying a queen-size comforter the last time, I bought a king-size one…and put it in a queen-size duvet cover.  This way, the down doesn’t migrate to the edges as much, so I’m not losing feathers or down.  I regularly launder the duvet cover and have cleaned the comforter itself many times.  8 years later, the comforter is still fluffy and keeping us warm on cold winter nights.


Handy Trash Can Liners

I put several trash can liners at the bottom of all of my trash cans. Then when I need to empty them I just remove the full bag and insert a new one at the same time. No more hunting for a new liners because they are already in the can.



The Joy of Family Road Trips

It’s all in the marketing.  Our children dreaded road trips because they were…well…road trips.  We didn’t want to waste the money we were saving driving to our destination by stopping for fast food, but when I packed lunches, we had attitude in the car.

We learned rebrand lunch to a picnic! What child doesn’t like a picnic?  Same food, but packed in a picnic basket with a tablecloth.  We’d then stop at a park, let the children get the jiggle-wiggles out, enjoy our cheap lunch, and be on our way!


Cheap Napkin Ring Alternative

Napkin rings are a lovely touch to a fancy occasion.  However, since I seldom use them it seems a waste to spend a lot of money on them. That’s why I started adapting shower rings into napkin rings. You can buy them colored or with designs OR you can spray paint or tie ribbons around them yourself if you want added color and texture without the added cost.

Now you can have nicely decorated fancy dinners without any guilt. Bon appetit! Gale


Corral the Cups!

Dirty cups and mugs can really pile up!  Control the chaos by designating a “cup of the day” for each person. We choose favorites that do not match so that everyone knows which cup is which, but you could color code or use masking tape labels. Then set up a cup “parking lot” where cups live when they’re not in use—a shiny tray, a plastic container, or even an unused lid. 

Train kids to use a cup, rinse it out, and set it on the tray for use later.  At the end of the day, pop them all in the dishwasher or do a quick handwash so they’re ready for the next day. 

Got (Cold) Water?

Did you remember to drink your water? Better yet, did you take a water bottle with you while you were doing your errands?

I always forget to put a water bottle in the fridge and I really don’t like the taste of lukewarm water.

So to get cold water in fewer than 10 minutes, fill up a water bottle, close it up, wrap it with a wet paper towel, and stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

You’ll have a cold water bottle to take with you.


Coffee Mulch

Make your potted plants attractive and healthy by mulching with your morning coffee grounds.

Take the cooled off coffee grounds and spread them on the soil around your potted plants. Work grounds into the soil a bit with your fingers or a fork. It looks nice, and it’s good for the plant.

Don’t exceed a layer of about 1/2-inch as this might be too much of a good thing. Repeat monthly as needed.