Add A Shelf

Most upper kitchen cabinets come with two shelves, placed equal distances apart. When I’m setting up a kitchen, the first thing I do is remove the shelves from the cabinets. Then I start at the bottom, placing items where I want them. I install the next shelf as low as possible, leaving enough room to remove items with ease.

Generally, there’s a lot of room at the top of the cabinet for another shelf. I buy shelving and the little shelf hooks at my local home improvement store. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the additional space I’ve created in my cabinets. Sandi

Skateboard Mover

I use an old skateboard to move heavy things when I’m by myself. I can push things where I need them without straining myself. Karen

Shower Curtains Double as Drapes

My husband and I recently repainted our living room for a fresh, new look and then realized our curtains no longer worked with the new color. We couldn’t find anything that we both liked.

To our surprise, we found fabric shower curtains at Dollar General that worked perfectly—only $10 each. Because of our window is quite wide, we needed four of them.

For only $40 we have a totally new look in our living room and we love it. Trish


We needed to bring in the outside ladder for a little job inside the house.

The ladder is dirty on the bottom, so I took some old socks and slipped them onto the ladder’s “legs,” securing them with a rubber band.

This kept the floor clean and protected the finish, too. Davena







Coffee Filter Switcheroo

I had a good supply of basket-style coffee filters when I switched to a pot that takes the cone-style. I decided to try a little tweaking to see if I could possibly use the filters I had already.

I set the basket filter on the counter, measured in the coffee, gathered the top and set it in the new pot. Viola!

Basket filters work just as well and I get 200 filters for $1.89. Cone filters are nearly $6.00 for 200. I can find a better use for that money! Nancy

Always Prepared: Car Sickness Bag

One simple addition to your car will keep your car ready for a car-sickness emergency. When my daughter was young, she at times suffered from car sickness. I needed a solution to prevent a big, smelly mess! To be ready for such an event, I placed a large, leak-free trash bag in my vehicle. I selected a place where both driver and passenger would be able to grab it quickly. My bag is located in the back pocket of a front seat.

Before placing the bag in your vehicle, check to make sure it is leak-free, and remember to replace the bag once it’s been used so that your vehicle is always ready.


Longer Life for Cut Flowers

Here’s a tip to make cut flowers last longer.  

My husband buys me a single rose for different occasions and dissolving an aspirin tablet in the water as a substitute for plant food lasts for about 3 days. When I change the water, I add another aspirin.

My flower stays like new for about two and a half weeks. I can persuade cut flowers from the supermarket to last close to a month using this method! Jeannie

Thaw Detector

Always keep a quarter on top of a frozen ice cube tray. If the quarter has sunk to the bottom, you know the things in the freezer thawed and refroze during a power outage and may not be are not safe to eat. This tip is especially useful if you were away from home for a few days or more.