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Super Cute Halloween Costume

Best Halloween Costume ever—Bag of Jelly Beans. Items required: Super large clear plastic trash bag. Many small balloons in a variety of colors. Dress person in black pants and a black long-sleeve t-shirt. Cut two holes in the bottom of the bag for legs and corresponding holes on either side near the top of the bag […]


Santa Claus is Coming

Purchase a gift card or two each time you go to the grocery store and save them. At Christmas time (or any gift giving event) you can give the cards or use them to purchase a gift. I like to buy Target or Walmart cards that I can use later for gifts.  


Gift Bag Go ‘Round

Use gift bags (of various sizes) instead of wrapping paper for your family’s holiday presents. We save our gifts bags each year and it’s always fun to see who gets a particular bag the next year. We even started a tradition of writing the names in the top corner and each year adding the next […]


Cheap Reusable Gift Bags

Rather than waste money and natural resources on disposable wrapping paper, cloth gift bags can be made quickly and easily with the most basic sewing skills. I keep my eye out for fabric sales or 40% off coupons from stores like JoAnn. Step 1 Decide the size you want your bag to be.  I generally […]


DIY Easy Christmas Fund

You know how much kids love Christmas! It seems like money set aside for Christmas each year disappears before the sleigh bells ring. For me, a no-fuss way to save money for the Christmas season is to calculate the annual total of one or two of last year’s monthly bills (e.g., electricity $1800 and phone […]