Guide to Upload a Tip

Step 1

First, make sure you have created your user profile and are logged in. Then right-click on your profile picture and this menu will display:


Step 2

Click on “Share New Tip.”

Step 3

Click on the orange button at the bottom of the page, “Create Your Tip.”

Step 4

A new page will display with an easy-to-follow format to upload your tip. (See below for ideas on how to enhance your tips.)

Step 5

Write a great, simple title. It should briefly, in just a few words, tell us what the tip is about. Keep it short and engaging.

Step 6

Select tip category. This is a drop-down menu, so select the category that most closely matches your tip.

Step 7

Upload a Featured Image. This is the image that will appear at the top of your tip. Click on “Featured Image” and then follow the prompts.

The image should be one you have taken yourself with a smartphone or camera. It should be in “landscape” mode (sideways, not up-and-down), and 455 x 275 px or larger, and no more than 400 kb. If your awesome picture exceeds these criteria, please resize it (there are many sites on the Internet where you can easily resize photos) before attempting to upload.

Adding a Featured Image is mandatory to be considered for publication.

Make certain that your image is not copyrighted. Do not grab something from the Internet. Copying images form news stories is strictly forbidden.

Step 8

Write your tip. Tell us what this tip is about, how it works, what it does, and why others need to know how great it is. Make it compelling. Use the fewest words possible, not the most. Make every word count. Check your spelling and grammar.

Feel free to use the editor in the top bar of the space where you are writing your tip to format it. In the “paragraph” box you will find options to make your headings stand out.

While your tip need not be original with you, your treatment of it must be in your own original words. That means you have to write it so it becomes original content. The rule is this: You cannot copyright an idea, you can only copyright your treatment of that idea.

Team EC will check for plagiarism as a regular course of action before approving your tip for publication.

Please do not add any affiliate links to your tip. They will be removed and could make your tip ineligible for publication.

Step 9

You are invited and encouraged to enter your tip in the currently running Tip Contest! If you click on Yes in the process of submitting your tip, then select the contest you are entering. As we start, there will be only one Contest option at a time, but still you need to check that box to enter.

Step 10

Submit Tip. Once you have things the way you want, press “Submit Tip.” Now your tip will be reviewed by Team EC. Once approved it will be published and will be live in “All Tips” as well as in “Category” where it will show up with all other tips in its category. And you have your first entry in “My Tips!”


Each tip has its unique comments feature. Once your tip is published, expect readers to ask questions or give you praise. We want you to check back often to reply to your fans!

Vote with Thumbs Up

Below each tip that is entered in a Contest you’ll see a thumbs up icon as well as a heart icon. To vote for a tip as being great and one you really like, give it a thumbs up! Click the heart indicates it’s a favorite.

The more votes your tip receives the better your chances of winning!  Readers can vote only once per tip, so go ahead—give your tip a thumbs up!

Upload frequency

You are free to upload up to five (5) tips per day.

Need help? Contact support here.