Keep Salad Crisp

Place an inverted saucer in the bottom of your salad bowl.  Any moisture will collect under it, keeping your salad fresh and crisp.

Homemade Cherry Pitter

You don’t have to buy a cherry pitter. You can make your own if you have a soda or water bottle and a straw. Put the cherry on top of the bottle opening, and push the straw through. The pit will come out and land on the bottom of the bottle.


Easily Remove That Pesky Corn Silk


To quickly remove the silk from corn on the cob, brush it off with a bristle brush like a vegetable brush, or even a dedicated toothbrush will do the trick. The silk comes off easily and doesn’t leave any stubborn strands behind.



Dabs of Buttermilk

From time to time, I’ll use a recipe that calls for small amounts of buttermilk. I now buy a quart at a time and freeze it into ice cubes and keep them frozen until I need some. In my ice cube trays, eight ice cubes equal one cup, although yours might differ. Using this system prevents from having to go out and buy some every time you need some and also saves money. Naomi



Grow It Instead

I went to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients that I needed for a cocktail to bring to a BYOB pool party. One ingredient on my list was fresh mint. In the produce department, I noticed live plants in small starter pots for $2.50, including mint, basil, etc.  The plant was cheaper than the mint that was packaged and ready-to-use so I purchased the plant instead.

It stayed perky and fresh for my cocktails at the party, and then when I brought it home to plant in a pot on my patio, it stayed healthy and vibrant. I had fresh mint all summer long! I have done this before with basil, too, when I needed it for a recipe. You save money and always have it on hand! Monica


Coffee Filter Savings

Have you ever noticed the difference in cost between cone and basket-shaped coffee filters? I switched to a cone style pot but still had some basket style filters, so I decided to try them. I set the basket filter on the counter, measured in the coffee, gathered the top and set it in the proper spot carefully. Viola! Basket filters work just as well and I only pay $1.89 for 200. Cone filters are nearly $6.00 for 200. I can find a better use for that money! Nancy


French Favorite

My son and I are avid breakfast eaters. On the weekend, I make an entire loaf of bread into French toast. It takes seven eggs and 1 1/2 cups of milk. Once the toast is cooled, I put it back in the same bread bag and put it in the freezer. In the morning, I pop them in the toaster and my son has French toast for breakfast. He loves it and it lasts all week long! Krista


Flour Shaker

Any time I have a bag of flour that is almost empty, rather than store it, I transfer the remaining flour into an empty parmesan cheese shaker for when only a small amount is needed.

The lid opens on one side to allow for shaking out the flour, which works great for dusting cake pans or when you need to knead dough.

The other side of the lid has a wide opening with a flat side to quickly and easily measure out a level tablespoon to use as a thickener for soups and stews. Jennifer