Keep Frozen Bread Tasting Like Fresh

I never pay more than $1.00 for 100% whole wheat bread. I frequently pay a lot less because when I find a good deal, I stock up.

recently learned that when I put a paper towel inside the bread wrapper before freezing it, and leave it in place after thawing, the bread will be as soft and fresh tasting as when it was baked. It works for any kind of bread. You can let the towels dry out and use again, or compost them.




Save 50% on Espresso Powder

Espresso powder adds a wonderful coffee flavor to baked goods and smoothies. It is usually available only in specialty and gourmet shops. It can cost $10 for less than two ounces.
I found that regular ground coffee is a great substitute. Since canned coffee has not been brewed yet, you only need to use half as much as the recipe calls for. I use my thrift-store coffee grinder to grind it up as finely as possible. This saves a lot of money without giving up the flavor.

Huge Discounts Restaurant Gift Cards

We all know that Warehouse Clubs can save us money when buying in bulk, but did you know that you can save money when dining out, going to the movies, or buying a Honey Baked Ham? Check your favorite warehouse club dining and entertainment venues gift cards. Often you can buy $100 worth of Gift Cards for $75 or $80 (depending on the restaurant). That’s a 25%  savings! Now couple the gift card with a coupon for that restaurant to save even more.

My favorite way to do this is with a Honey Baked Ham purchase. If I know that I’m going to be serving a Honey Baked Ham for a holiday, first I go to Costco and buy the Gift Cards. I’ve found that just before Christmas and Easter, Costco knocks another $10 off and $100 worth of Honey Baked Ham products bringing it down to just $70! (30% off). And I usually add a coupon to that for even more savings. Plus, the Gift Cards never expire.


Keep a Cooler in the Car

To avoid a melt down of my groceries, I try to remember to place a small cooler in my vehicle before I head out to the store. Before I went grocery shopping yesterday, I placed ice packs in my cooler and put it in my car. When I got home after shopping, my meat and dairy products were still cool. And that says a lot because it was 97° F! If I shop and get stuck in traffic, I don’t have to worry because my cooler is doing its job.

THE KEY: Remember to put the cooler in the car!

Prolong The Life of Packaged Salad

My local grocer sells a 1 lb. bag of garden salad for only .99 so I buy it quite often. I was rarely able to use the whole bag before it spoiled until I learned this trick. Once opened, I keep the salad in its original bag and scrunch up 2-3 paper towels. I put them in the bag with the remaining salad.

I then squeeze all the air out of the bag, roll it up and wrap it tightly with a rubber band. This cuts down on the amount of lettuce that browns when exposed to the air. Moisture narrows the short window of time you have to consume it; the paper towel absorbs the moisture and the lettuce lasts much longer.

A sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table

The next time I dish out my next salad I remove the damp towel and replace it with a new one.

Spin Your Noodles

No, silly  – not THAT noodle…

THESE noodles!

A bowl filled with pasta, with Noodle

Use your salad spinner to quickly drain the water from cooked pasta.

Salad spinner

Also, great for draining canned fruit such as crushed pineapple…

A bowl of food on a table, with Pineapple


…and frozen spinach—which takes FOREVER in a strainer!

A bowl of food with broccoli, with Spinach and Se

Got Grease Splatters?

Reduce hot oil splatter by sprinkling a little table salt in the pan. It works either way- prior to heating up the pan or after it has started to splatter!



Get Every Last Drop of Cream

I use flavored creamer every morning in my coffee. I was nearly out of my favorite flavor and meant to get more at the store but I ran out of time. Out of necessity the next morning, because I cannot drink my coffee without it, I put a few spoons-full of my hot coffee into the bottle of creamer, closed the lid and shook it up.

Amazingly there was enough cream in the jar for my coffee; and I like a LOT of cream.  Now I do this every time I get to the end of a bottle. I also keep a few of those single serve flavored creamers on hand so I always have a backup.