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Easy Carrier for Deviled Eggs

Living in the South, potluck gatherings are a way of life.  And, one of my favorite dishes to make is deviled eggs. However, cooking 1-2 dozen eggs for big gatherings means a regular carrier is not large enough–you can’t run out before everyone makes the first trip through the food line!  I have discovered the […]


Pizza Cutter Magic

Here’s how to have a little breakfast fun. I cut my kids’ pancakes into triangles, squares and other fun shapes with a pizza cutter. I do this before the syrup goes on. It’s fast and easy and it doesn’t tear the pancakes. Caroline        


Inexpensive Banana Hanger

There’s no need to buy an expensive “banana hanger.” Use a large cup hook installed under an upper cabinet to hang your bananas. It sure is cheaper and it does the job quite well! Yvonne    


Easy Burned-On Food Removal

When you burn anything in your pan while cooking, just put about a cup of water in it, return it to the burner and let it boil about five minutes. The burnt food should come off the pan quite easily with a little bit of scrubbing. Gabby    


Sneaky Bread Tip

I trick my picky children into eating the bread “heels” by turning them inside out in a sandwich. My girls are none the wiser. It’s worked like a charm. Shayna      


How to Keep your Veggies Fresh

My grandmother taught me a long time ago to always put a piece of paper towel or a napkin in my zip-type bags of vegetables. This absorbs the condensation from the vegetables to keep the environment dry. That effectively extends the vegetables’ refrigerator life. I change the paper when I notice it getting too damp. Patti […]


Homemade Coffee Creamer for ALL

I absolutely LOVE Mary’s homemade coffee creamer, but in my house, everyone likes a different kind, and making all the different bases just got to be a real pain and made the fridge overrun with all the different creamers. To combat this, and the fact that I often like different flavors on different days, I […]