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Frozen Cubes of Buttermilk

From time to time, I’ll use a recipe that calls for a small amount of buttermilk. I buy a quart at a time and freeze it into ice cubes and keep them frozen until needed. In my ice cube trays, eight ice cubes equal one cup, although your mileage may vary. Naomi


Be Famous for Something Cheap

Don’t become famous for something expensive. Become famous for something cheap! A cheesecake can cost in the $10 range to make for a potluck or other get-together. Homemade rolls or a pasta salad can be made for a fraction of that price and are just as good. I became “famous” for hard rolls. I purchase […]


Cake Mix Cookies

This is a very fast and easy way to make cookies.  Simply  follow the cake mix directions and add 1/3 cup of pureed strawberries to the mixture before baking. I have used banana puree in a banana cake mix, too. After baking, I freeze them in an air-tight container.  Then I just take them out […]


DIY Starbucks Iced Coffee

Order a hot coffee and a cup of ice. Pour the coffee in the cup and you’ve got an iced coffee. While this tactic dilutes your drink, where I live it still saves nearly 55 cents when you purchase a grande (savings vary by state). Tom


Keep Yogurt Fresher Longer

Store yogurt, sour cream, and cottage cheese containers upside down in your refrigerator.  Less air gets in that way and they keep fresher longer. With the rising prices of food, this can help you conserve your food dollars. Note:  To prevent possible leaks, place the upside down container in a saucer or small dish before […]


How to Freeze Excess Fresh Produce

I recently learned how to freeze excess produce.  A friend told me about freezing freshly picked blueberries in a paper sack because she didn’t have time to wash and sort them first. When she retrieved them the next day they were beautifully frozen without any sticking together, all loose in the sack! I now freeze […]


Free Soup from the Freezer

I always keep two plastic bags in my freezer, one for vegetable scraps and the other for chicken bones. When the bags are full, I get out my metal pasta strainer. Next, I dump out all of the  bones and scraps from both bags into the strainer and put the strainer in the soup pot. […]