Always Veggie Fresh

Here’s a very cheap and easy tip for how to keep your veggies fresh and tasty.

  1. Keep your veggies in a plastic zip bag.
  2. Add a paper towel or napkin to the bag. This will absorb the condensation from the vegetables preventing them from wilting.
  3. Replace the paper towel or napkin once you notice it getting damp.

With no wilting, my veggies have a longer refrigerator life and we enjoy that tasty crunch for much longer too! Patti


Tea Bag Tip

This is a time and a mess saver!  When making iced tea, use a spring-type clothespin to clip the teabags all together and attach to the top of your pot or pitcher for steeping.   When steeping is done, it is easy to remove them all at once to discard.  No mess!


No-Mess Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are always the perfect appetizer for any gathering, but the normal process for mixing up the filling is messy and involves a lot of cleanup. So here’s an easy, no-mess way to make deviled egg filling.

  1. After boiling your eggs, cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the yolks.
  2. Place the yolks in a large plastic zip bag.
  3. Place the rest of your filling ingredients in the bag with the yolks.
  4. Knead the mixture with your hands (or have your kids do it) until fully combined and at your desired consistency.
  5. Cut off the tip of a bottom corner of the bag and pipe the filling into the egg whites.
  6. Throw the bag away and cleanup is complete with the appetizers ready to go.

This strategy is quick, easy, neat, and even a little bit fun! Enjoy your EGGcellent appetizers! Donna

Grate No More

Grated cheese is great (pun intended) for any dish, but grating it yourself takes time and even if you buy it grated, it’s much more expensive. Here’s an effortless, cheap way to make grated cheese.

  1. Buy a block of your desired cheese from your local supermarket.
  2. Take the block out of its wrapping and place in a large plastic bag with a zip top.
  3. Freeze the bag containing the block of cheese.
  4. When you’re ready, thaw the block and it will crumble, creating grated cheese.

This tip not only gives you grated cheese for your tastiest dishes but also saves you time and money. Enjoy! Molly

How to Safely Take your Cake from Here to There

We’re all familiar with those movie clips of when someone is transporting a cake and suddenly it all goes wrong. We’ve watched that cake fly through the air and *SPLAT* right on the ground. The disappointment is crushing.

SO…. to avoid this catastrophe, here’s a cheap and easy tip for SAFELY transporting your cake from here to there.

  1. I couldn’t afford one of those pricey cake-transporters, so I went to the closest dollar store and bought the biggest plastic bowl and lid set that I could find.
  2. I put some frosting on the inside of the lid and then set the cake on top so it would easily stay in place. 
  3. Finally, I placed the upside down bowl on top of the lid to create an airtight cover and plenty of protection. 

The bowl clicked into place and I was ready to go. Even ready for any banana peels coming my way. Mike

How to Rescue Burned Cookies

Don’t throw away those burnt cookies! Wait a day or two until they set up,  then take them to the cheese grater. Grate off the burnt surface using the  the fine side of your grater or microplane.

That thin, burnt bottom surface is only a fraction of the thickness of the whole cookie. You will be left with a delicious cookie that some people would never know had burned. It sure beats whipping up a whole new batch.