Make to Shake

Whenever I finish one of my spices with the shaker tops, I just clean it out and then fill it with sugar, flour or whatever’s needed. Then I just use it to add a little shake of sugar in my tea or sprinkle of flour for kneading dough. E.H.



Plumper Burgers

If you’re looking for a way to plump up your burgers and make your meat go further, just add crushed up crackers to the mix. It also prevents the burger from shrinking when cooked and even makes it juicier. Tammy



Homemade Cooking Release

When baking or cooking something like a sauce that will stick to the pan we spray a release agent in it right? Why not make your own? for years I have made one that is part olive oil and part lecithin. My ratio is to fill my container not quite to the top with olive oil and then put in about one tablespoon of liquid lecithin. I’ve used even the cheap brands of lecithin over the years and it works perfectly.  Just shake the mixture really good after putting the lecithin in.

Because the shelf where I keep my cooking release is shallow I do not use a spray bottle but have a 1/4-pint jelly jar as my container and then just pour it as needed.

I use the mixture in my cast iron pans before storing and for cooking. It works great!


Cooked or Not Cooked Egg?

You can tell if an egg is hard-cooked or not by spinning it on the counter. A raw egg will only wobble. A cooked egg will spin like a top.


Neat Pancake Prep

To save from all the hassle of cleaning bowls and utensils, I prepare pancake mix in a quart-size zip-top bag, adding the water and other ingredients. Then I just zip it closed and squish and squeeze it until it’s fully mixed. I cut off one of the bottom corners of the bag and squeeze the batter right onto the hot, nonstick skillet. When all done, just throw the bag away. Save on clean-up.

This is especially good for camping or any other time dishwashing isn’t an option. Bob



Turn Cooking Scraps into Fresh Eggs

I have backyard chickens that produce beautiful, delicious eggs for my family. Instead of saving food scraps (vegetable peelings, bread crusts, etc.) for the compost pile, I keep a small, clean bin near my kitchen sink to catch these cast offs. Every evening, I take the bin to the barn and feed this to an eager bunch of chickens.

Saves a bit on the cost of chicken feed and makes my chickens happy too!


Sugar Solution for your Spicy Problem

Personally, I love a little spice in my life. Bring the heat! But occasionally, there’s a LITTLE too much. So whenever that happens, all I do is add a teaspoon of sugar, mix it in to the dish, and the sugar will counteract the spice. If you still find it a bit too spicy, add a bit more. And there you are, good as new! Balance restored! Nancy


Cooking Spray Under Control

Can’t recall where I heard this tip years ago, but it’s a favorite of mine.  When spraying a cookie sheet or baking pan, lay it on the open door of your dishwasher.  The spray will be contained, and there’s no need to wipe it off as it all comes off during the next dishwasher cycle.