Multi-Purpose Pastry Blender

I don’t have a potato masher and do not intend to get one any time soon. But I do have a pastry blender, which I use for making pastries. I discovered that I can also use it to mash bananas for banana bread, beans for black bean burgers, and avocados for guacamole. It does a great job! Staci


Kids Filling Up on Veggies

My mother always said that veggies taste better when you’re hungry. So, at mealtime, I serve my children their veggies first and wait as long as possible to serve the main course. For some reason, the veggies are usually gone before the main course. Go figure! Diane


More Than Just A Pizza Cutter

I like to cut my kids’ pancakes into triangles or squares with a pizza cutter. It creates an extra fun twist to their breakfasts, starting the day out with a little fun. It’s fast, easy, and it doesn’t tear the pancakes. Caroline


Bread Heel Trick

I trick my picky children into eating the bread “heels” by turning them inside out in a sandwich. My girls are none the wiser. It works like a charm. Shayna


Frozen Rice

Occasionally, I cruise through the frozen food aisles at my favorite warehouse clubs (like Sam’s and Costco) to see what’s new. I figure if they can freeze it, so can I. On a recent trip, I saw a long line of people waiting for samples. I sneaked over to see what it was, only to discover rice! Frozen, precooked, individually portioned, plain white rice. People seemed to think that was the greatest invention ever and they were all tossing it in their carts. So I went home, pulled out the rice cooker, made my own and froze it in individual portions. Boom! It was just as good and a slice of the price. Rebecca


Keep Your Drink Hotter for Longer

It’s such a simple thing! Keep your hot beverage warmer longer by first filling your mug with the hottest water possible. Let it sit a few minutes before emptying it and adding your drink. Likewise, if your favorite beverage is a cold drink, fill your preferred container with ice water for a few minutes. Empty the ice water fill with your drink. I’ve kept coffee warm all day with a little bit of preparation.


Butter Wrappers to the Rescue

If you use wrapped butter sticks this is for you.

After opening a stick of butter save the wrapper, put it into a small plastic baggie.  You can put quite a few wrappers into one.

Next time you bake and you need to ‘grease’ a cake pan or muffin tin, just take out one of the butter wraps and grease your pan.  It’s no fuss no muss and it saves money on sprays which can be harmful to your health.

So don’t throw those wrappers away  Save money and re-purpose that wrapper!


Homemade Vanilla Extract for Home and Gifts, Too

You can create your own pure vanilla extract at a fraction of retail cost. Individual bottles make delicious and economical gifts.


  • Glass bottles
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Vodka


  1. Rinse and set up bottles.
  2. Cut vanilla beans in half. Place 4-5 sticks in each bottle.
  3. Fill each bottle with vodka. (I discovered vodka to be the best alcohol for the flavor.)
  4. Seal tightly. Shake bottle weekly for 4-6 weeks (or longer) before first use. Vanilla extract will need time to soak. Longer is better.
  5. Enjoy!

Note: This works equally as well for other extracts. I recently created an orange extract from orange peels and vodka.