Baby Your Food Budget

When I can get baby food for free with coupons, I buy it even though my babies are all grown up. I buy the applesauce and use in my baking or for a snack. I also use it and other fruits to flavor plain yogurt. The puréed vegetables are excellent to add to soups or to add to yogurt or sour cream for a savory dip. The jars are conveniently packaged in 1/2 cup portions. I got 2 cents back from the cashier and a 10-cent Ibotta rebate with this purchase.

Healthy Pecan “Pie” Bites

If you want a bite of Pecan “Pie” without making one, here’s an awesome, healthy, much lower-calorie alternative.

Take a date (Medjool dates are great) and remove the pit.  Next insert a pecan or a walnut.  Take a bite and enjoy!

So yummy.  So healthy.  So easy.  Tastes almost like pecan pie with lots fewer calories. JerrieH

Fresh-Frozen Strawberries

When I have too many strawberries to eat, I wash and spread them out on a cookie sheet pan. If I have time, I will hull them as well, although it’s not necessary.

When the strawberries are completely dry I freeze them right on the pan.

Once frozen, I put them in a zip-type freezer bag and put the bag back in the freezer. I use these for making smoothies or for topping on ice cream. Gretchen

Hamburger Patty Hack

I’ve discovered  an easy way to save time and money – and make life easier!  First, I flatten a  paper cupcake liner and then place it between hamburger patties as I make 40 patties from 10 pounds of bulk (sale!) ground beef.

I could purchase “patty papers.” However, the large paper cupcake liners are cheaper and work even better to keep the patties headed for the freezer from sticking together. No cutting waxed paper. No corners sticking out.

This trick allows me to remove just the number of frozen patties I need. Sharon

How to Prevent Strong Freezer Odors

I like to chop a bunch of onions all at the same time, portion them into zip-type bags and then store them in the freezer for convenient use later.

And that created a problem. Freezing onions in sandwich-weight bags doesn’t seal in the strong onion odor.

However, bags designed for the freezer—freezer-weight zip-type bags—do a great job of  keeping food odors from escaping. Who wants their freezer to smell like onions. Or fish or garlic? No one! And apparently that’s the reason someone invented something known as a zip-type freezer bag. Tina

Good To The Last Drop

Don’t dump the leftover wine.  It can be a great seasoning agent in your cooking.

Just a little splash will add great depth and flavor to a dish, sauce or salad dressing. Even adding just a small amount of  wine to sauteed veggies or poached fish adds a huge flavor boost. Cathy

Life Beyond Pickles

I save the liquid from all my jars of pickles, olives, and artichokes. These liquids are great for pickling or marinading other veggies.

I also toss them into homemade salad dressings or into mayo-based salads like potato, macaroni or pasta recipes.

However, one thing to remember is to be careful about mixing different liquids in the same recipe. Sweet pickle juice and Kosher dill pickle juice really don’t mix well. Luann

Filling Up on Veggies

My mother always said that veggies taste better when you’re hungry. So, at mealtime, I serve my children their veggies first and wait as long as possible to serve the main course. For some reason, the veggies are gone before the main course. Go figure! Diane