Healthy Pecan “Pie” Bites

If you want a bite of Pecan “Pie” without making one, here’s an awesome, healthy, much lower-calorie alternative.

Take a date (Medjool dates are great) and remove the pit.  Next insert a pecan or a walnut.  Take a bite and enjoy!

So yummy.  So healthy.  So easy.  Tastes almost like pecan pie with lots fewer calories. JerrieH

Remove Sour Smell from Microfiber and Sponges

I like to use microfiber cleaning cloths in my kitchen, as well as regular sponges.

A fast and easy trick to get the sour smell out of either one is to give them a few squirts of hand sanitizer, such as Purell.  I add hand sanitizer until I no longer smell the sour smell.  In fact, I keep a pump bottle of Purell on my kitchen counter for just that reason.

Now that hand sanitizer is harder to find, I refill my bottle with homemade hand sanitizer (alcohol and aloe vera gel). Easy! JerrieH

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Quick Meals with Hamburger Patties

Purchase ground beef in bulk for the best price.  Prior to freezing, make the entire package into hamburger patties.  My preference is 1/3-pound, but you can make 1/4-pound.

Place the patties on a cookie sheet and freeze.  Next stack in a freezer bag separated by wax paper.  These patties are easy to defrost in the microwave or thaw quickly when you  plan ahead.

You can make hamburgers, hamburger steak with gravy and onions, defrost multiples for a casserole requiring one pound, etc.  One of my favorite meals is to take one patty, brown the beef, add a can of black beans, and use it for an economical meal of nachos or tacos.

This helps to get a  meal ready with very little notice. Janice

Easy Silk Removal – Microwave Your Corn on the Cob

Don’t remove any of the husk.  Cut the bottom 1/2 inch off the corn cob.  Microwave on high for 3 – 3 1/2 minutes per ear.

Grab hold of the top of the ear with a pot holder – it will be hot!  Squeeze the corn out of the husk onto your plate.  It will come out of the husk and leave almost all of the silk behind.

It’s the best and easiest corn on the cob trick I’ve ever tried.  For 2 ears, microwave 4 to 5 minutes.  It’s best not to do too many at once.

Crocheted Mop Refills

I have a Don Aslett Mop.  It has a microfiber cloth pad for dusting or mopping the floor.  The pad is affixed with a row of velcro on the bottom of the mop.

Instead of using the pads that came with it,  I like to use my own crocheted rectangle.  I make it several inches larger than the mop head, all the way around. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a regular crocheted (or knitted) rectangle will do. The yarn sticks beautifully to the Velcro on the bottom of the rectangle mop and they can be easily thrown into the washer to use over and over.

Because it is crocheted several extra inches all the way around, it makes a big buffer to protect the baseboards and the larger amount of yarn helps the job get done faster.  The yarn also has a good texture to help scrub places on the floor that need a little extra scrubbing.

Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Players who love their wooden acoustic guitars know maintaining proper humidity in dry seasons is essential.  This helps keep your instrument in top shape and prevents it from cracking, so says, my husband. Humidifier packs are expensive.

After cutting on an old humidifier pack open it struck me to use the water beads I had purchased for the kids.  These tiny little beads can absorb huge amounts of water.  They can increase to hundreds of times their original weight.

I soaked ¼ tsp of beads and put them in his pack holder and they worked marvelously. The little hygrometer he keeps in the guitar case agrees.

I purchased those beads for less than $6 years ago and we’re still using the same pack. I make up a jar of soaked balls and keep them in the fridge for him to change out when needed.  They can be re-soaked once and re-used. He is happy with the substitution and I’m am elated with the savings!

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You might be wondering, “what are water beads?” I wondered, too! Check out these water beads!

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Walnuts Rescue Your Wood Items

A handy tool to repair scratches to wood items is as near as your pantry:  walnuts!


Simply rub a cracked walnut over the scratched surface of a picture frame, a canister lid, a table, or any other wood object.  The natural oils of the walnut meat cover many scratches.



If needed, polish with standard furniture polish after the walnut oil has dried.


Free Help for Lawn and Garden

The Cooperative Extension System has lots of free, good quality information available for lawns and gardens.

The fastest way to find information is to look for the extension website for your state, i.e., Alabama State Extension and use the search feature to look up information.

By way of example, I needed to know the best time to plant vegetables in my area. I looked it up on my state’s extension website and found exactly what I needed.