Easy Carrier for Deviled Eggs

Living in the South, potluck gatherings are a way of life.  And, one of my favorite dishes to make is deviled eggs.

However, cooking 1-2 dozen eggs for big gatherings means a regular carrier is not large enough–you can’t run out before everyone makes the first trip through the food line!  I have discovered the best portable carrier to transport this crowd pleaser.

Place each deviled egg in a cupcake liner and serve them on a tray.  The tray can be covered with plastic wrap and the cupcake liner prevents the film from touching and sticking to the top of the egg.  Eggs can be served by hungry folks without the use of utensils or touching food, this keeps the line moving quickly.

One note, do not place these in the refrigerator overnight as the moisture will destroy the liner.  For extra savings, use the paper dividers from the foil cupcake liners.  The liners are also good for dessert trays to plate small cookies, candies, lemon bars, fudge, nuts, etc.

Permanent Marker on a White Board? Easy to Remove!

I’ve discovered a  common household product that easily removes permanent marker off a white board.

And the name of that product is ….. hand sanitizer!

Using a soft cloth with a couple of squirts of sanitizer, wipe over the ink and it will come right off.




Getting the Most out of Foodsaver Bags

I reuse my foodsaver bags when possible and appropriate.

I use old-school twist tie storage bags as liners. You can buy them in gallon size, 100 count for $2. I place my food in one first  and then into the foodsaver bag. Do not twist tie the baggie, just tuck in down close to the food item. The vacuum will remove all the air. I use fold-over sandwich bags for smaller uses.

By doing this, I save time and energy not having to wash the foodsaver bags and money by getting to re-use them. It also gives the item a bit more cushioning when getting banged up in the freezer.

This is great for bread, veggies, frozen cubes of cream, juices and broths. I’ve successfully done it with cooked as well as fresh meats too; just freeze the meat first in the inner bag and then place and vacuum in the foodsaver bag.  When  defrosting, remove from outer bag before letting it defrost in the fridge.



Let Your E-mail Be Your Administrative Assistant!

Work study experts have shown that it is more efficient to group like tasks together:  making phone calls, answering e-mails, grading papers, assigning tasks, etc.  G-mail (and possibly other e-mail providers) has an excellent feature that allows you to compose many e-mails, one after another, and then determine when to send them out!

This can be used to send out invitations and follow-up reminders, a birthday greeting on the EXACT day of the birthday (without having to remind yourself to send it on that day), or even to send a reminder to yourself 6 months in the future to do something (such as changing batteries, scheduling a medical appointment, or check to see if you’ve received something that was promised to you).

Email and Text

First, compose your e-mail as usual.  But DO NOT hit the “Send” button.  Instead, to the right of the word “Send” is a down arrow.  Click on the arrow.


The window that appears suggests a date and time to send the e-mail.  Or you can select your own time to send it.


It will then reside in your “Scheduled” box, waiting for the date and time that you have chosen.


At any time, you can open a “Scheduled” e-mail and modify it (e.g., the body of the text, the recipients, or even delete it).

Now, in just a few minutes, you’ve sent out birthday greetings to arrive on the correct day, reminded yourself to take a future action, informed friends of a party and even sent a follow-up email!  My, look how efficient and organized you are!