How to Make the Cutest Angry Birds Toys

Empty toilet paper tubes can be used to make myriad objects, including contemporary toys that children enjoy:  Angry Birds.
Supplies needed:
  • colored paper (cut to 4″ x 8 1/2″)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • ruler
  • hole punch
  • rubber bands
  • empty toilet paper tubes
  • an adhesive ( Tacky Glue or rubber cement work well)

Step 1

Wrap the tube in the colored paper and glue it in place.  I use rubber bands to hold it while it dries.

Step 2

Cut out beaks and plumage patterns.  Beaks can simply be mismatched triangles.

Step 3

Punch out holes from white paper to make eyes (or use googly eyes).

Step 4

Glue the face pieces into place and use markers to draw on eyebrows and add pupils to the eyes.  Use rubber bands to hold all the pieces in place while the adhesive dries.  (I find that rubber cement works best and easily comes off the rubber bands without tearing the paper.)

Step 5

Attach/glue the plumage to the inside of the tube so that it is centered over the face.

Step 6

Watch children’s faces light up with delight with their new toys! Marsha Lane

Easily Thread your Sewing Needle

This is the best sewing tip I’ve ever learned.

To successfully thread a needle every time, wet the needle eye and then wet the tip of your thread (spit will work fine…lol).  The moisture on the needle attracts the moisture on the wet tip of your thread and makes you able to thread your needles so much easier –  especially with older eyes!

This tip also works to thread your sewing machine needle.

Easy Needle Threader

Using a dental floss threader (available in drug stores or dental offices) is the easiest way I have found to thread a needle, regardless of how small the eye.

Put the threader through the eye of the needle leaving the open end clear of the eye. Put the thread through the opening and pull through the eye of the needle and the thread with it. Remove the floss threader. Done!



Crochet Old CDs Into These Fun Coasters

Here’s a clever way to turn old CDs or DVDs into fun drink coasters. Using cotton yarn, crochet two small doilies the size of the CD or DVD. Place the disk between the dollies and sew them together.

Make sets four or eight coasters and give them as gifts. To launder, don’t toss them in the washing machine as the CDs may break. Instead, soak them in soapy water, rinse, then stand on end to dry.

Find patterns for the cute coasters pictured above, here.