Bargain Belts

The discount clothing stores seem to frequently have a pretty good selection of high-quality men’s leather belts. The only problem for me is that the name-brand belts they carry are usually in sizes too big for me. I buy them anyway and take them to a shoe repairman near my home. He removes the buckles, cuts off the extra inches, and re-attaches the buckles.

He charges me $3 to $5 a belt. I spend an average of $15 to $20 per belt at the discount store. At high-end department stores, they retail for $50 to $80,sometimes more. That means I save $25 to $65!

Definitely shows how much money you can save if you’re willing to go to a little bit of work (or find someone who is). Bob


Giving Flannel a Second Life

Want to give those flannel lounge pants and shirts a second life? Make cleaning pads for your Swiffer other cleaning tool. Cut the flannel into pieces 8″ x 20″ (or to fit your mop head of choice), then attach to the mop head and dampen with water or cleaning product before use. When I’m done mopping, I toss them in the laundry and to use again!  Brenda





I’ve always been annoyed by sports bras that are just too tight around the band. A friend showed me a great way to gain at least 2-inches of additional comfort without giving up all the joy of a great sports bra!

Grab a pair of scissors and cut a half-moon shape front and center, as shown. I’m sure this shortens the life of the garment but I find it to be a great trade-off by gaining so much comfort.


Never a Button Short

Although “bursting our buttons” doesn’t happen too often, it still does happen. And when it is does, and we lost the little extra one(s) that came with the clothing when we bought it… well we might as well just get rid of the whole outfit! Here’s a tip on how to never lose a button.

  1. When you come home from the store and take the tags of your clothing, also immediately remove the button(s) from the little bag.
  2. Grab some thread and a needle (doesn’t need to be a matching color).
  3. Sew the button to an inside seam allowance of the clothing piece.

And voilà! You’ll be ready when you need that extra button the most. Now all you have to do is carry around a portable sewing kit and you’re invincible! Virginia