A Toilet’s Friend

My toilets get a buildup of mineral deposits, and I’ve spent hours on my hands and knees with a pumice stone or fine-grained sandpaper.

Now I sprinkle a little Bar Keepers Friend cleanser in the bowl, give it a good swish with the toilet brush, and let it sit until the next flush. I do this weekly, and the toilets are sparkling white, with no effort. Jean



Remove Pesky Labels in Seconds


Remove stuck-on pesky labels from your favorite jars in seconds. Simply fill the jar with hot water. Empty water and peel off label instantly.

Use an adhesive remover (like Goof Off) to wipe off the glue. Jars are for ready your next craft project or to fill with spices or sweet treats!

Easiest Way to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

If you have a cast-iron pan with rust or caked-on gunk, toss it in the oven when you do a clean cycle, remove and season and it will be like new! This is the easiest way to clean your cast iron skillets. Just don’t use this method if you have a wooden handle, this method is for solid cast iron only.

I discovered this method by remembering my dad making a really hot fire in our backyard and putting the pans in that fire when they got really gunky. So I figured if that fire didn’t hurt the pans, neither would the self-clean cycle of my oven. It worked like a charm.

There are several methods to season your pan. I just wait for my clean cycle to end and for it to unlock, carefully pull the pan out and swirl some food-grade oil in it. When it cools, I use a paper towel to wipe out the excess.

Easy Clean for Icky Baking Dishes

Here’s a tip to easily get a glass baking pan squeaky clean.

I often bake chicken in the oven, and when I do the glass pan ends up being greasy and has baked-on food. I used to scrub and scrub with a cleaning pad and mild cleanser to get the plan clean. But no more!

First, I wipe the pan clean of the big food particles and excess grease. Then, I use my hands to apply a coating of dish detergent all over the pan, being careful to cover all of the baked-on food and splatters. I let this sit for 30-40 minutes, or sometimes longer if I’m doing other things or if there is a lot of baked-on food.

When it’s time to clean the pan, the grease, and baked-on food easily wipe away. For stubborn spots, I use a mild cleanser. The pan is once again clean and shiny.


Recycled Vinegar

Occasionally I clean my coffeemaker by running white vinegar through it. After the vinegar has been processed, I pour a little baking soda down my bathtub drain.  Next, I  pour the pot of hot vinegar into the drain and plug it up. 

The reaction between the baking soda and hot vinegar cleans the drainpipe of built-up soap scum and hair.  By plugging the drain, I  funnel the chemical reaction into the pipe instead of letting it bubble back up into the tub.  I use a rubber stopper in my tub and hold it in place with pliers to avoid being burned by the hot vinegar.

This saves me money by not having to buy expensive drain cleaner. And, even better, I’m helping the environment by using a natural product to keep my drain clean. Susan



Quick Clean Up for Messy Fry Pan

Instead of scrubbing pans clean with lots of soap pads, scouring powder, and elbow grease, a simple trick helps clean up greasy, caked-on food in a pan.

I cook homemade turkey sausage patties. After browning and removing the patties, the pan had lots of caked on bits of sausage and grease. I added about an inch of water and placed the pan back on the stove on High.. After the water boiled for about five minutes, I turned the stove off and let the pan cool. All of the sausage bits and grease had softened. Cleaning the pan was a breeze!


Dog Hair Magnet

The best way to remove dog hair from the carpet in a car or truck is with a pumice stone. It’s what car detailers use and it works like a charm. Just rub it towards you and the pet hair balls right up in seconds. And the best part, pumice stones are available at most dollar stores! Christina


Magic Eraser is Magic for Pyrex

Pyrex dishes look great when new. Food stains are so stubborn, and often the cookware gets scratched from scrubbing too hard.

A Magic Eraser (genuine or knockoff) will instantaneously clean all food spills. Wet it, rub it across the stains, and witness the  magic for yourself.