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Grill Mats for Toaster Ovens

I found that nonstick grill and mesh mats, when cut to fit, work great in my toaster oven. For an easy cleaning crumb tray, the solid grill mat works great, is washable and reusable. Melted and burnt cheese comes off easily. A sheet of the mesh mat on top of the rack is great for […]


Hamburger Patty Hack

I’ve discovered  an easy way to save time and money – and make life easier!  First, I flatten a  paper cupcake liner and then place it between hamburger patties as I make 40 patties from 10 pounds of bulk (sale!) ground beef. I could purchase “patty papers.” However, the large paper cupcake liners are cheaper […]


Squeeze the Pancake Batter

Buying pre-made pancake mix in a bottle is very convenient, but really expensive. Here’s a great way to create the convenience with none of the extra cost. Recycle a squeeze bottle you’d otherwise throw in the trash, like a ketchup bottle. Wash it thoroughly, pour in the batter, apply the top, and there you go! […]


Kid-Friendly Cooking Oil Dispenser

When my kids were younger and just learning to cook, they had many mishaps with the bottle of vegetable oil. Often they poured too much because the opening of the bottle was so large. As I was cleaning out a squeeze ketchup bottle, it occurred to me that it could be a great solution to […]


One Aspirin Tablet Does the Trick

Here’s my favorite treatment to prolong the life of cut flowers. I dissolve an aspirin tablet in the water as a substitute for plant food. My husband buys me a single rose for different occasions and an aspirin in the water lasts for about 3 days. I change the water and add another aspirin. My […]


Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Players who love their wooden acoustic guitars know maintaining proper humidity in dry seasons is essential.  This helps keep your instrument in top shape and prevents it from cracking, so says, my husband. Humidifier packs are expensive. After cutting on an old humidifier pack open it struck me to use the water beads I had […]


Save $ on Paper Towels

I prepare fresh produce almost every day. It always seemed wasteful to throw away paper towels when the only thing they were used for was to drain freshly washed vegetables like diced potatoes or lettuce. The veggies are CLEAN. Sometimes I let veggies dry on a cookie rack over a newspaper.   However, paper towels […]