Photograph Your Parking Job

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced my car in a parking lot. Not any more!

I use the camera on my cell phone to photograph where I’m parked, including an elevator name or lot number. Sometimes I’ll snap two or three pictures. And it works every time. I no longer have to remember or write down where I left my car. Denise

Mice Repellant

While covering my ‘49 Ford for the winter storage, I put a dryer sheet on the floor in the

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Upholstery Cleaner

We all know that even if you have the “no food in the car” rule, something is still bound to happen. When I had a can of pop explode in my car, not even the professional car detailers could tell me how to get the stains out. So here’s what I did:

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Sand the Wiper Blades

To get a few more months’ use out of windshield wiper blades, lightly sand the edge of the rubber blade with super fine sandpaper. Be sure to carefully remove all traces of sand from the blades, reattach, and they’ll work like new.


Condensation on Car Windows

To take care of the condensation that builds up on the inside of car windows during the cold winter months, leave the air-conditioning on with the temperature in the heat position. The windows will clear like magic.

Or carry an ordinary chalkboard eraser in the car. Simply erase the condensation away. Rob


Bird Bombs and Bug Goo Begone!

While my car is filling up with gas at the pump, I grab a wipe or two from under the driver’s seat and walk around my car wiping off bird bombs and bug goo as I go.  Then I drop the wipe(s) in the gas station trash can and finish fueling.  This extends the time between car washes and saves the car’s finish from permanent damage.


How Much Car to Buy?

One of the mistakes most people make when purchasing a car is focusing on the monthly payment. Here’s how to avoid that trap:

  • Focus on the total amount of the car purchase including taxes and fees.
  • A general rule of thumb is 25% of your annual salary.
  • For example, if you make $100,00 per year, the cost of your car should probably be no more than about $25,000.

No rule of thumb is hard and fast but it serves as a good figure to start from. Then adjust that figure for your unique circumstances such as trade-in values, down payments, etc.

Consider this fact:  Many people, over their lifetime, will purchase and spend more on their cars than they will on their home.

Battery Terminal Cleanup

Did you know that you can use club soda or Windex to clean a battery terminal?  It’s a great way to quickly clean and neutralize the acid residue at the terminals.

Remember to disconnect the battery before cleaning!