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Baby Your Food Budget

When I can get baby food for free with coupons, I buy it even though my babies are all grown up. I buy the applesauce and use in my baking or for a snack. I also use it and other fruits to flavor plain yogurt. The puréed vegetables are excellent to add to soups or […]


Free & Unique Gift Wrap Paper

You can create unique gift packages and help the environment by recycling!  Before tossing old road maps into the trash (which are FREE to AAA members), use them to wrap gifts.  The maps are colorful and may also be a conversation piece (especially if the recipient has been to the area of the map).  Simply […]


Send Cheer for Only 37 Cents!

The rate to mail a postcard is 37 cents and for such a small fee, you can brighten someone’s day! It’s easy to make your own postcards, too.  Use scrapbook paper that is a light color on one side (and white on the other).  Cut the paper to 4 x 6 inches (standard postcard size).   Consider […]


Photograph Your Parking Job

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced my car in a parking lot. Not any more! I use the camera on my cell phone to photograph where I’m parked, including an elevator name or lot number. Sometimes I’ll snap two or three pictures. And it works every time. I no longer have to […]


Grill Mats for Toaster Ovens

I found that nonstick grill and mesh mats, when cut to fit, work great in my toaster oven. For an easy cleaning crumb tray, the solid grill mat works great, is washable and reusable. Melted and burnt cheese comes off easily. A sheet of the mesh mat on top of the rack is great for […]


Get What is Due to You!

With paper coupons, electronic coupons, in-store sale prices, and special manager promotions, it’s easy for items to be incorrectly charged on your receipt. Who wants to drive all the back to the store when you find out that an item in your grocery bag is not “the deal” that you thought you were purchasing? The […]


How to Make the Cutest Angry Birds Toys

Empty toilet paper tubes can be used to make myriad objects, including contemporary toys that children enjoy:  Angry Birds. Supplies needed: colored paper (cut to 4″ x 8 1/2″) scissors markers ruler hole punch rubber bands empty toilet paper tubes an adhesive ( Tacky Glue or rubber cement work well) Step 1 Wrap the tube […]